Nigel Farage Takes On A Remainer: Why Are You Talking Down Britain?

8 May 2017, 21:04 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 21:08

When a pro-EU caller branded Britain a “tiny little nation”, Nigel Farage responded with one simple question - “why are you talking us down?”

Phil from Cobham got in a debate with Nigel over what the LBC caller described as “ridiculous” political changes, alluding to Brexit, Trump and French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

Phil argued that closer collaboration with Europe was the “future” and decried the UK for “never being committed” to the bloc.

He went on to criticise Britain’s Brexit vote, quizzing why the UK had opted pull away when the country was a “tiny little nation, with less than one per cent of the world’s population”.

It was at that point Nigel stepped in - asking Phil outright “why are you talking us down? Why say things that are negative about us?”

Nigel added: “All over the world what is happening is big states and big structures are breaking down into smaller individual structures.

“We can think of the break-up of much of the old USSR, we can think of Yugoslavia which was put together with the aim to bring peace which is broken down into smaller units.”

Watch the video above and see whose side you are on.