Nigel Farage says illegal migrant handover is "worse than before" after second trip offshore

26 May 2020, 19:30 | Updated: 26 May 2020, 19:33

Nigel Farage says illegal migrant handover is "worse than before" after second trip offshore

By Fiona Jones

Nigel Farage took a second trip offshore to see if the illegal migrant handover had stopped after his expose and found that the situation in the Channel "is worse now than before."

Nigel Farage uncovered last week that the French Navy were handing over illegal migrant boats to the British Border Force, despite the UK government paying France £61 million to prevent illegal entry to the country.

Nigel Farage sailed to the edge of British waters and captured footage of people in a dinghy mere feet from his own boat being escorted into the hands of the UK authorities.

The French government have since said that "they will have to do things differently."

In his LBC show, Nigel reflected on the government's action since he exposed this scandal last week.

Nigel Farage travels offshore to look for migrants crossing to Britain

"Sure enough this morning we saw on the horizon a French boat escorting a dinghy out of French waters. Change of tactics: the French Navy boat was further away from the rib than it had been last time.

"When they saw us come into view, they turned broadside on and zig-zagged a bit and pretended it was nothing to do with them.

"We then were the fist British boat to come up against that little dinghy and they weren't too pleased to see us," Nigel said,"it wasn't us they wanted to see it was Border Force. They know that once Border Force get them, they can stay in the UK."

More shockingly, he alleged the French authorities had the boat's transponders turned off - the device to map the vessel's route.

Nigel said, "There's no historical record of where they've been unless you've got great visibility, you can't actually see them doing it. This is getting worse and not better."

"A week on from the expose I did, things in the Channel are worse now than they were as it's being done in a manner of absolute deceit, every attempt made to conceal the truth for us and it simply isn't good enough."

LBC is awaiting a response from the Home Office.