Nigel Farage Says Sadiq Khan Needs To Get On With His Job

3 June 2019, 20:11 | Updated: 3 June 2019, 20:16

Nigel Farage had some strong words for the Mayor of London when it comes to crime and his spat with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump used social media ahead of his state visit to the UK to describe the Mayor of London as a "stone cold loser", after Sadiq Khan said the red carpet shouldn't be rolled out for him

Speaking after he landed on Monday, the US President compared Mr Khan to the mayor of New York, who he says has done a terrible job.

Nigel Farage pointed out that Conservatives in the Greater London Assembly had published a report on crime since Mr Khan became Mayor of London.

Nigel Farage directly addressed the Mayor of London
Nigel Farage directly addressed the Mayor of London. Picture: LBC

The report, titled the "Cost of Khan 3," shows that there has been a major increase in crime levels since Mr Khan took over as Mayor in May 2016. The report claims that knife crime has increased by 52 percent over the last three years

Addressing the Mayor, Nigel said: "Might it not be better, Mr Khan, to get on with your job as Mayor of London.

"You are presiding over a disastrous rise in crime, please get on with that and stop virtue signalling against the US President."

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