Nigel Farage Scraps With Caller Who Accused Boris Johnson Of Treason

28 August 2019, 19:32

Nigel Farage didn't take it well when a caller said Boris Johnson had committed treason for his plan to suspend parliament.

Christine from Datchet called LBC to express her anger with the Prime Minister, who today announces his plan to prorogue parliament for five weeks.

She told Nigel: "Boris Hohnson has committed treason against this country, the people of this country, not just the little Brexiteers, but the whole country.

"He's put us in such jeopardy, in such danger, so who's the dictator now? Who's the Trotskyite? That's what the Trotskies do, isn't it?

Nigel intervened, telling the caller that it's not unusual to have a Queen's Speech.

He said: "Isn't it normal to have a Queen's Speech every year? Government have Queen's Speeches nearly every year.

"What it means is that parliament will be close for four or five days. That after years of is that treason?"

The caller responded by saying MPs shouldn't have the right to have a Queen's Speech.