Nigel Farage: If There Is A Second Referendum, I May Boycott It

29 November 2018, 19:39 | Updated: 29 November 2018, 19:43

Nigel Farage says he’ll boycott any Brexit second referendum if the choice is between remaining the EU and Theresa May’s deal.

The LBC presenter and former Ukip leader added that he believes the Labour Party will back a so-called People’s Vote if the Prime Minister’s agreement is voted down by MPs.

He was speaking as both Mrs May and Jeremy Corbyn agreed to take part in a TV debate - but the pair can't agree on which channel or at what time.

Nigel has been highly critical of the Prime Minister's withdrawal agreement, previously describing it as the "worst deal in history".

And as talk continues of what MPs do next in the event it's rejected in the Commons, Nigel gave his take on those calling for a so-called People's Vote.

"What would the question be?" He asked.

"Nobody has satisfactorily managed to answer that, some even suggest it should be this deal or Remain in which case I'd simply have to boycott the second referendum."