Nigel Farage slams Boris Johnson's Scotland-Northern Ireland bridge

10 February 2020, 19:42

Nigel Farage brands Boris Johnson's plans for a bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland "absolutely mad" and lists what he thinks the UK needs instead.

Downing Street has confirmed that ministers are actively looking into Boris Johnson's idea of a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland, despite skepticism from engineers.

"Tomorrow we will hear about the biggest infrastructure revolution since the Victorians," said Nigel, "this from the man who went for the Garden Bridge that was never completed and cost £50 million.

"This from the man who built the cable car in the East end of London - the one he famously got stuck on because he lied about his weight and that very few people use."

Nigel reflected that not only will the "disastrous HS2 project go ahead" that is currently estimated to cost £106 billion and rising, we now have a bridge from Scotland to Northern Ireland.

Looking at the forecast, he said, it wouldn't be open on any day this week except Thursday as people would not be permitted to cross it if winds are over 40mph.

"I think the whole thing is absolutely mad," he said, and insisted we need more and better roads, we need to be able to get from east to west across the country, "I think this is a huge mistake... £20 billion! I wonder what it'll be by the time it finishes."