Nigel Farage suggests PM has ties to China after Huawei decision

11 February 2020, 20:00 | Updated: 11 February 2020, 20:02

Nigel Farage exposed the Johnson family's close relationship with China and Huawei and how it has influenced PM Boris Johnson's decision to involve Huawei in the UK's 5G network.

Nigel started by questioning those involved in talks between the British government and Huawei, including former Prime Minister David Cameron.

He went on to say the immediate family of the Prime Minister are all involved in projects including China and the Huawei network.

Nigel mentioned the PM's father, Stanley Johnson meeting with the Chinese ambassador and then sent a message to the environment minister that the Chinese felt the PM hadn't sent a proper personal message to Beijing, implying Boris Johnson father is acting on behalf of the Chinese government to pass messages between them and his son.

Mr. Farage went further to point out that the Prime Minister's stepbrother worked in Beijing and now runs a fund to raise money for Chinese businesses to invest internationally. Furthermore, Nigel continued with brother Jo Johnson, who went to a university specialising in telecommunications during his time as Universities Minister.

"The one thing the Johnson family are not split on is they're all massively pro China or involved with China"

PM welcomes Chinese State Councillor
PM welcomes Chinese State Councillor. Picture: PA

Nigel, speaking on his phone-in show in between discussions on HS2, stressed that the decision to allow Huawei to the table in 5G talks must be down to his family interests in the country.

"They all see China as an opportunity and not a threat" he warned, as the Chinese telecom company edges closer to securing contracts to build 5G infrastructure in the UK.