Nigel Farage Takes On Tony Blair And The “Political Elite”

29 January 2019, 19:36 | Updated: 29 January 2019, 19:54

Nigel Farage had this scathing response after Tony Blair said MPs know best on Brexit because it's their "day job”.

The former Prime Minister said politicians should be ready to "stand up" to members of the public who brand them elitist because they argue for a second EU referendum.

He made the remarks at the launch of the annual Edelman Trust Barometer in London's Mayfair on Tuesday.

Giving his reaction live on LBC, Nigel fumed: "Dear oh dear oh dear what a total condescension".

"It shows the absolute contempt they have for ordinary people."

"For all their Oxford degrees, the one thing I have learnt about our political class is they are guilty of groupthink.

"They spend so much of their time and their lives together when they're growing up, at school, at university, in Parliament, how they spend their weekends - they generally have the same conclusions on virtually everything."

Watch above.