Nigel Farage talks President Trump's chances of reelection with Texas Senator Ted Cruz

20 April 2020, 21:41 | Updated: 20 April 2020, 21:51

By Fiona Jones

Nigel Farage asked Senator of Texas Ted Cruz about President Trump's chances of reelection during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Republican Senator said he felt confident the election in November would happen.

"Right now I believe President Trump is likely to be reelected," he said, "but it's a volatile situation and I do think the situation with the coronavirus adds an amount of uncertainty.

"If we get to November and we have substantially contained this pandemic, we have successfully flattened the curve, the healthcare system has not been overwhelmed... then I think the President could be reelected resoundingly.

"In fact I could see not only a Republican Senate in but also a Republican House," he said.

The Senator countered that if the country had not managed to quell the virus and if the economy takes an even worse turn, then "we're in unchartered territory and it is certainly possible in an election like that that the American people vote out President Trump for the Democrats."

"How this election turns out depends very much of the resolution of this crisis," he said.

At the weekend US citizens were protesting the lockdown, saying they want their freedom and liberty, and Nigel thought this was happening largely in states with Democratic governors.

"Is there an argument that President Trump is almost supporting these protests?" he asked.

"I think the President has rightly spoken out against government leaders being overzealous," said Mr Cruz, "it is one thing to put in place common sense provisions to slow the spread of the virus...for example mandating social distancing and banning large gatherings...those have a sound scientific and public policy basis."