Nigel Farage Slaps Down EU’s Top Civil Servant Over Brexit Bill Demands

4 February 2019, 19:36 | Updated: 26 March 2019, 11:46

Nigel Farage told the EU’s most senior civil servant “sling your hook” after he said the UK must pay the £39bn Brexit bill even if there’s no deal.

Martin Selmayr, the secretary-general of the European Commission, also warned any future relationship between the UK and EU could be jeopardised by refusing to pay the financial settlement.

Nigel said the remarks made his “blood boil” as he gave a stinging rebuke on Monday evening.

Nigel Farage hit back at Martin Selmayr on Monday
Picture: LBC/PA

Speaking on his LBC show, Nigel said: “You can just go and sling your hook.

“No deal? No £39bn, it could not be clearer.”

He added: “He basically is trying to hold us hostage, trying to blackmail us, I don't think we should respond to this kind of behaviour.

“If you thought Juncker and Barnier and Verhofstadt were arrogant, unpleasant, out of touch and anti-British then you haven't met Martin Selmayr yet.”