Nigel Farage Tells LBC What The EU Elections Taught Him

27 May 2019, 20:46 | Updated: 28 May 2019, 15:13

In his first show following a highly successful European Election campaign, Nigel Farage told LBC what he learned from the EU election results.

The day the Brexit Party took 19 seats in EU elections, party founder Nigel Farage said that it took the Labour Party 45 years to become a majority government, but it took the Brexit Party just "45 days to become the biggest party in a national election."

Nigel said the first lesson he learned was social media and the use of video imaging has "changed absolutely everything."

The second lesson was that the Conservative and Labour parties were both "in real trouble," warning that both parties would need radical change.

"You could see a situation within the next couple of years where they are no longer serious forces in British politics."

On the subject of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Mr Farage said he "seems to lose election after election," and a "huge chunk" of the Labour vote has gone to the Brexit Party. Adding that a lot of Labour supporters voted Lib Dem, including former Labour Party spin doctor Alastair Campbell.

The third thing the Brexit party leader said he had learned was that the 31st of October will become "bigger and bigger" in our minds as the deadline for Brexit approaches.

The spin machine is "alive and well" Mr Farage said before taking listeners calls.

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