Nigel Farage: The European Union Does NOT Represent Europe

7 December 2017, 20:21 | Updated: 7 December 2017, 20:27

The European Union has hijacked the word “Europe” and does not represent the broad view of citizens across the continent, Nigel Farage has declared.

The LBC presenter was giving his reaction to a speech made by the head of Germany’s Social Democrats, who called for ever-closer European integration by 2025.

In a speech at a party conference in Berlin on Thursday, Martin Schulz called for the EU to be turned into a “United States of Europe”.

He added that any state which would not ratify any such treat would “automatically leave the EU”.

Giving his reaction to the announcement, Nigel thundered: “I've seen time and again the peoples of Europe in referendums reject deeper integration, reject the European constitution just to be wilfully ignored by Brussels who have either made them vote again or ignored them and gone round the back of them.

“I do not believe this project has consent and actually my view is I don't just want the United Kingdom out of the European Union, I want Europe out of the European Union.

“I think they've hijacked the word Europe, I don't believe Europe is that flag, that anthem and those awful glass and steel structures that are there in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasburg, I think Europe is about diverse nations and cultures.

“It makes it the most fascinating continent on earth and provided that all democratically run, they will be at peace.”