Nigel Farage Warns EU: Extend Brexit And All Your Worst Fears Will Come True

10 April 2019, 18:55 | Updated: 10 April 2019, 19:45

Nigel Farage warned Emmanuel Macron and the EU that if they agreed to a long Brexit extension tonight then “all your worst fears will come true”.

The LBC presenter and MEP made his views known as Theresa May pushed for a further delay to Britain’s departure for the EU.

The Prime Minister has said she wants Brexit postponed until the end of June, but the EU has suggested a longer delay.

With the results of the meeting expected later tonight, Nigel warned the remaining EU leaders that an extension would have consequences.

Nigel Farage hosted his show from Brussels on Wednesday
Nigel Farage hosted his show from Brussels on Wednesday. Picture: LBC

“If you extend Brexit, all your worst fears will come true,” he said during his show live from Brussel.

“We will finish up with a genuine Brexiteer Prime Minister from the United Kingdom, it's the results of the European elections that will cause it.

“If you are asking for the new crop of MEPs that come here not to vote against your budget or your army or your long-term plans, I promise you if I come back here, I'll vote against every single piece of it so I hope that's an incentive to get that veto.”