Nigel Farage: Why It’s Wrong To Call The Lib Dems Opportunists Over Brexit

17 May 2017, 20:22

When Nigel Farage received a Facebook message which accused Tim Farron of being an “opportunist” over Brexit, he had to point out why that was wrong.

The Liberal Democrat leader has been setting out his party’s manifesto which features a second referendum on Britain’s eventual deal with the EU. 

Speaking from Strasbourg, Nigel was taking listeners reaction to Mr Farron's pledge and came across a Facebook message which he didn't entirely agree with.

It read: "Tim Farron is an opportunist who has little faith in his own policies liberals are no democrats nor liberal as they continue to want a ban things including free speech."

Usually a staunch critic of Mr Farron, this one issue saw Nigel jump to defend his political rival as he responded: "Is he really an opportunist?

"You know when I've met Tim Farron over the years he, [Nick] Clegg and the others Lib Dems are fanatical believers in the European project, they were fanatical believers in Britain joining the Euro.

"So, I think actually with this Liberal Democrat Party since the early 1990s, whether it's Paddy Ashdown, whether it was the late Charlie Kennedy, I think they've all been very consistent that they believe in the European project and on that I don't think it's fair to call him an opportunist. "