Nigel Farage Bombarded With Shouts For Jacob Rees-Mogg To Be Next PM

11 July 2017, 20:50 | Updated: 11 July 2017, 20:51

This was Nigel Farage’s reaction after he was bombarded with hordes of text messages calling for Jacob Rees-Mogg to become the next Prime Minister.

Support for the Tory backbencher has surged recently, with bookies slashing his odds of becoming the next Tory leader.

Known for his humorous speeches and pro-Brexit stance, “Moggmentum” appeared to reach fever pitch last week when the Old Etonian announced the name of his sixth child - Sixtus Dominic Boniface Christopher Rees-Mogg.

And, as Nigel discussed whether Theresa May was winning back the support from her party during his nightly LBC show, praise for Mr Rees-Mogg flooded in.

Nigel Farage Jacob Rees-Mogg
Picture: LBC

One text read: “Theresa May is the most uninspiring Prime Minister ever, I do so wish she would unselfishly resign and allow Jacob Rees-Mogg to take over the leadership.”

Another said: “She’s doing my head in, I can’t be with the Tories anymore - I want Mogg!”

So what does Nigel make of this gathering support for Mr Rees-Mogg? Watch his reaction at the top of this page.