Nigel Farage's Furious Response As Theresa May Seeks Further Brexit Delay

2 April 2019, 19:03 | Updated: 2 April 2019, 19:26

Nigel Farage reacted with fury after hearing Theresa May was to seek a further delay to Brexit in order to prevent no deal.

In a statement from inside Downing Street, the Prime Minister said she also wanted to work with Jeremy Corbyn to break the deadlock.

She spoke after a Cabinet meeting which lasted over seven hours.

Mrs May said they need an approach to the future relationship with the EU that MPs will back and she can take to Brussels.

Nigel Farage reacted with fury to Theresa May's Brexit statement
Nigel Farage reacted with fury to Theresa May's Brexit statement. Picture: PA/LBC

"There are some who would like to leave with no deal, but leaving with a deal is the best option," the Prime Minister said.

"But we need an extension to Article 50 and we need to be clear what it is for."

And, this latest revelation left Nigel seething, as he reminded listeners of the PM's previous remarks about leaving with no deal.

“It isn’t that she’s the worst Prime Minister in my lifetime, she is the most duplicitous,” the LBC presenter fumed.