Nigel Farage’s Instant, Outraged Reaction To Theresa May’s “Unbelievable” Honours List

10 September 2019, 20:07

“The sooner we get rid of it, the better!" says Nigel Farage in an outraged rant over Theresa May’s “unbelievable” honours list.

“it’s really rather like the days of Henry VIII and patronage!” exclaimed Nigel, head in hands, "And Theresa May, oh she didn’t disappoint!”

“Olly Robbins – the guy that negotiated the Withdrawal Agreement. The guy that failed three times to get through the House of Commons that lead ultimately to the rise of a new political party; the resignation of a Prime Minister. He gets a knighthood! He also goes off to work for Goldman Sachs! I mean that’s a win double. Unbelievable!”

Nigel then went on to talk about Robbie Gibb’s knighthood, whom Nigel knew when Gibb worked at the BBC. Nigel said, “He was the director of communications for a Prime Minister that was a complete and total catastrophe! But that’s okay, have a knighthood, because that’s how it works.”

Kim Darroch, ex-British Ambassador for the United States, was also honoured. Nigel said he was “the one that was so useless, Trump would never take a meeting with him, and all that got leaked. He goes to the House of Lords!”

“Oh and Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill,” he continued, “who masterminded the 2017 general election campaign when Theresa May went from a 23 point advantage to not getting any majority at all, and both losing their jobs, get CBEs. This whole thing is a farce.”

Nigel said, “These honours are designed in a country to recognise those who’ve done great things.” He mentioned military individuals and those in the voluntary sector and scientists as as people who deserve such accolades.

“To seeing it being devalued the way it has during the years particularly of Blair, Cameron and now Mrs May, I think it’s absolutely shocking.”

He said of the House of Lords, "The sooner we get rid of it, the better."