Nigel Farage’s One-Minute Guide To Solving The Brexit Deadlock

16 July 2018, 20:21 | Updated: 16 July 2018, 20:37

Justine Greening says a new vote is needed to solve the Brexit deadlock, but Nigel Farage has an idea of his own.

The former Education Secretary today called for the final Brexit decision to be taken out of the hands of "deadlocked politicians" and given back to Brits.

Under Ms Greening’s suggestion there would be three options; to accept Theresa May’s Chequer’s deal, to leave with no deal or to remain in the European Union.

Downing Street has the rejected the idea, saying it will not happen “in any circumstances”.

But, Nigel has his own idea and explained how to break the Brexit deadlock in one-minute.

It involves removing Mrs May as Prime Minister, replacing her with a Brexiteer and a new election on the promise to leave without a deal - if the EU refuses to compromise.

Watch above to hear Nigel's explanation in full.