Nigel Farage: Proof Britain's Foreign Aid Spending Is A Shambles

18 July 2017, 20:08

From Argentina to North Korea, this is Nigel Farage’s proof that Britain’s foreign aid budget is being spent in completely the wrong places.

The LBC presenter was not happy that so much of taxpayers’ cash was being sent to certain regimes across the world - describing it as an “utter shambles”.

The controversial subject was raised after it emerged Government departments were struggling to spend the overseas aid money they’d been allocated.

Nigel Farage
Picture: LBC

A National Audit Office report said money was being wasted because civil servants were “rushing” to hit the legal requirement of spending 0.7 per cent of the nation’s income on foreign aid.

However, it was when Nigel looked at where and what some of the cash was actually being spent on was he left absolutely seething.

“We’ve been giving money to Argentina who still have a claim over the Falkland Islands,” he fumed.

“And they’ve been buying fighter jets from China, so we’ve actually been giving money to a regime that could use some of that money to fund military jets to fight against our people.”

Nigel’s shocking list continued: “We’ve been giving money to Iran. We’ve been giving money to China and hold on to the chair - we’ve been giving money to Mugabe’s Zimbabwe!”