Nigel Farage Gives His Reaction To Boris Johnson's New Brexit Proposal

2 October 2019, 18:35 | Updated: 3 October 2019, 07:34

Watch Nigel Farage's reaction to Boris Johnson's Brexit proposal and why it's like "putting your head in a crocodile's mouth and hoping for the best."

"What Boris does, effectively, is to say that Northern Ireland will be placed in a different constitutional position to the rest of the United Kingdom for a period of at least four years after we've left," said Nigel.

"Effectively a border down the Irish sea and a border across Ireland, albeit a very flexible one with no hard border structure of any kind at all."

Nigel said: "There is aspiration in what Boris has put out today. Whether it's deliverable is an entirely different question. To me, all of this places us in the hands of the European Union now and during the course of any transition period.

"That's why I've said it's rather like putting your head in a crocodile's mouth and hoping that it won't bite.

We would have to have really good faith from their side but it's aspirational in terms of it wants to get us out of EU regulations and out of the customs union."