Nigel Farage's Rip-Roaring Response To Lord Adonis' Resignation Letter

30 December 2017, 11:06

Lord Adonis resigned from a government commission after describing Brexit as "a populist and nationalist spasm worthy of Donald Trump". This is Nigel Farage's epic response.

The Labour peer told LBC that Theresa May's government was "an adjunct of Ukip" and "to all intents and purposes Nigel France now Prime Minister of the country".

John Stapleton spoke to Nigel and put Mr Adonis' comments to him. This was Nigel's riposte.

"I'll tell you about nationalism Lord Adonis. It's an organisation that has a flag, an anthem, a police force, it wants an Army, a Navy and an Air Force in place by 2025.

"And worst of all, it's expansionist. It wants to bring in more countries to the East.

"It's already helped provoke a war with Russia.

"If you want to talk about nationalism, please come with me to Brussels and see them when they stand ramrod to attention to the European anthem. That's nationalism."

John Stapleton spoke to Nigel Farage
John Stapleton spoke to Nigel Farage. Picture: LBC

Responding to Lord Adonis' comments that the government is an adjunct of Ukip, Mr Farage hit back: "If only! If only!

"Ukip voters and Brexiteers do not want to pay a £40billion leaving bill, they don't want a transition period. They want our fishing borders brought back as quickly as possible.

"And when it comes to signing up with regulatory alignment, we're horrified by it. Because effectively, what the Prime Minister is offering us is Brexit in name only."