Nigel Farage's solution to rising crime rates

23 January 2020, 18:45

This is Nigel Farage's solution to the UK's rising crime rates.

Nigel said the only thing he could think of was following in the footsteps of former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.

"Rudy pursued a policing policy known as the broken windows policy. What it said was, if on a street you've got smaller issues like graffiti on walls, like litter on streets, like broken windows, then the atmosphere was one in which petty crime started to thrive.

"And that actually a lot of this crime was bottom up," Nigel explained and said that people who committed small acts of crime went on to commit serious crimes.

Nigel said we need to follow New York and bring in this zero tolerance policy as Mr Giuliani "did drastically reduce crime on the streets of New York and it became a safer city than London."

Boris Johnson pledged another billion pounds to police forces in a bid to reduce violent crime by 20% and has announced he intends to increase the police force by 20,000 officers.

"I do think that other kinds of national debate will begin to take over by the end of this year," said Nigel, reflecting that the UK's narrative is currently Brexit, "I think how we deal with crime is one of them."

"My feeling is now crime is so commonplace, we don't even bother to report it. I was the victim of one crime last year, I didn't bother to report it," said Nigel, "I wonder just how much unreported crime has gone up."