Nigel Farage analyses President Trump's Iran speech

8 January 2020, 20:39

This was Nigel Farage's reaction to President Trump's Iran speech.

Nigel found President Trump's comments on NATO particularly interesting. In the speech the President said, "Today, I am going to ask NATO to become much more involved in the Middle East process."

The LBC presenter reflected that "this was a very very interesting moment because part of the Trump narrative is that "he feels the American part of NATO was doing the heavy lifting. So that I think is something that will lead to a lot of debate in European capitals."

Nigel said President Trump "didn't sound too war-like" and surmised the speech was "calm, it was statesman-like" and Nigel believes "for now it draws a line under this little conflict."

He did caveat, "It does not mean that the problems have gone away in the long term."

President Trump has managed to take out "Iran's senior military brain" with only a "little bit of collateral damage to US bases in Iraq probably this is a pretty good moment for the US President," said Nigel.