Nigel Tells Hillary "You Lost. It's Over. You Look Ridiculous"

15 October 2017, 10:58

The LBC presenter says the presidential candidate needs to take responsibility for her election loss.

Hillary Clinton has said the vote for Brexit, and specifically the false claims made in the EU referendum campaign, were a forerunner of her defeat to Donald Trump in last year’s US presidential election.

The Democratic candidate has been touring media and broadcasters to promote her book.

Nigel questioned Mrs Clinton's relevance.

He said: "Hillary Clinton is in a state of denial, she's making herself look, frankly, ridiculous.

"She blames the whole world. The Russians. The lies that were told in Brexit. Everything is the fault of other people, nothing is to do with her.

"American voters were turned off by her sense of entitlement.

"I don't think Hillary Clinton has much relevance. We should no more listen to Hillary Clinton than we listened to Barack Obama during the referendum campaign telling us not to vote for Brexit.

"Hillary you lost. Move on. The war is over for you."

Watch the whole clip above.