Nigel Explains Why The EU Needs Britain, But This Caller Says He's Wrong

2 May 2017, 20:56 | Updated: 2 May 2017, 21:10

When Nigel Farage claimed the European Union needed Britain more than we needed them, he was instantly challenged by a caller who wasn’t so sure.

Adam from Leeds said in fact it was the other way round and tried to justify his argument by reeling off some stats to the LBC presenter.

Adam told Nigel: “You keep telling us that they need us more than we need them. Basically that's wrong information.”

He said the population of the remaining 27 nations was more attractive to businesses as opposed to those who live in Britain.

The caller noted: “We send 55 percent of all trade to them.”

Defending his argument, Nigel made two points to try and convince Adam he was wrong.

Nigel replied: “We're members of a club that we pay a net, 10 billion pounds a year into.

“Point number two, they trade with us at a surplus, at a profit of about 80 billion sterling every year.”

Nigel added that there were 5.5 million jobs on the continent relying on trade with Britain, where as three million UK workers reliant on the bloc.

He continued: “In economic terms we are a very, very good market place for them, surely that's logical?”

Adam was still not convinced though, he said car makers in Germany would not be “scared” of any trade tariffs because Brits would “still buy their cars”.

Nigel tried to seal the argument by agreeing with the point made by Adam. He finished: “Whether a tariff is two percent or in the case of a motor car it could be ten percent - if people like a product and trust its price they will buy it anyway.

“Adam what I've been arguing, I've been arguing the case for economic logic but I do think that politically they're very, very scared of us indeed.”

Watch the clip above and see who you agree with.