Nigel’s Honest Explanation For Why He’ll Cash In His EU Pension

3 May 2017, 20:52

Nigel Farage gave a completely honest answer when bluntly asked whether he’d still cash in his pension for being an MEP, despite his criticisms of the EU.

Dean from Bromley decided to get straight to the point with the former Ukip leader during his nightly LBC show.

He asked: “I would like to know that now we're no longer in Europe, will you be giving up your MEP pension?”

Unfazed, Nigel responded: “No I won’t… Why should I?”

Dean went on to explain that he felt Nigel wouldn’t be interested in the pension because “you think everything in the Europe and the European Parliament is rotten”.

“Well, I don’t deny for one minute it’s rotten,” Nigel quipped as he opened up about the sacrifices he had made since joining politics 20 years ago.

“I gave up quite a well paid job in business to do politics, I took a massive salary cut to do it.

“The very least I owe to my family and to others is that when I croak it, which will probably be much earlier than most people given my lifestyle, that at least the family get some money, that's not unreasonable is it?”

Watch the video in full above and see if you agree with Nigel.