Nigel's Surprisingly Simple Solution To End School Fines

6 April 2017, 21:06 | Updated: 6 April 2017, 21:32

Nigel Farage took a break from putting the world of politics to rights and instead offered a surprisingly simple solution for ending term time fines.

Earlier, a Supreme Court ruled against a dad who was fined £120 for taking his child to Florida during the school period.

Jon Platt argued the trip was justified because his daughter had a good attendance at her primary school.

But, Lady Hale, deputy president of the court, described unauthorised absences as “disruptive”.

So, has Nigel finally cracked how to end this saga?

He looked to the continent to see how the French did their school holidays.

“The February half-term the French go skiing in just huge industrial numbers,” Nigel said on his LBC show.

“So what do they do around France? They stagger back half-term holiday so different departments and regions of France have their half-term at different times.

“Staggered out over a three week period which I think if market forces do genuinely work means a much more reasonable cost, a much more accessibility for a bigger number of families to go skiing.”

Applying the theory to Britain, he continued: “Could we have different counties having slightly different holidays? Or would that be a nightmare for the parent with a kid in Sussex and a kid at school in Kent?

“I don't know, I'm just I'm trying to find some reasonable, sensible solutions - but I do think that money probably has a lot to do with this, that's my suspicion.”

See what you think of Nigel’s theory by watching the video in full above.