The One Thing About The EU That Is Really Troubling Nigel Farage

2 May 2017, 20:17 | Updated: 2 May 2017, 20:29

Nigel Farage is no fan of the European Union, but there’s one thing about the bloc’s attitude towards Brexit that really has him worried.

Over recent days an alleged row between Theresa May and the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has hit the headlines.

Reports claim Mr Juncker said Brexit could “not be a success” and Britain would be forced to pay a huge divorce bill.

A story in Tuesday’s Telegraph also suggested Brussels was planning to block an early deal on securing the rights of EU migrants and British expats.

But, that aside, Nigel told his LBC show what was really bothering him about Brussels’ recent alarming comments about Brexit talks.

He said: “The EU have indicated that if Northern Ireland would opt to leave the United Kingdom and join up with Eire, there would be absolutely no problem in a new United Ireland automatically becoming a member of the European Union.

“So what they are doing to try to make Brexit negotiations difficult for this government is they are prepared to stoke Irish nationalism and all that could come with that.”

Nigel finished: “I have to say I think that perhaps this is the most contemptible thing that I've heard so far.”

Watch the video in full above and see if you agree with Nigel Farage.