Caller impresses Nigel Farage with his argument against "ludicrous" HS2

20 January 2020, 19:55 | Updated: 20 January 2020, 20:02

This caller thinks HS2 is a total waste of money.

The caller, Harry, said: "How can anybody in their right mind think that spending 5.25bn per minute of travel time saved between London and Birmingham think it's a good idea?"

Nigel Farage was impressed with his calculations.

Harry said: "I think it's absolutely ludicrous. If you bunged 20 lots of £5 billion quid into the northern areas for infrastructure, for industry, you've got 5G coming on board, there isn't any need for people to see each other face-to-face all the bloody time."

Passionate caller makes case against "ludicrous" HS2 to Nigel Farage
Passionate caller makes case against "ludicrous" HS2 to Nigel Farage. Picture: PA

He told Nigel Farage about how his business, half in London and half in Liverpool, made the most of conference calls instead of traveling up and down on the train.

Nigel Farage thanked him for making a "passionate" case against HS2.