Peter Bone On Supporting Theresa May's Deal: You Must Be Joking

17 March 2019, 13:00

Peter Bone tells Nigel Farage he "must be joking" to suggest not getting behind Theresa May's Brexit deal would result in remaining in the European Union.

The Conservative backbencher told the LBC presenter that he would not support the Prime Minister's withdrawal agreement.

"We are 12 days away from Brexit, all we have to do is hold our nerve and there is nothing Parliament or the Remainers in Parliament can do about it," he said.

"On the 29th of March we'll come out on a no-deal basis, we'll save £39bn and we'll be out of this dreadful European superstate."

But when Nigel asked whether he thought Theresa May had the nerve to do that, he said: "What is very clear now, is that Parliament can not force the Prime Minister to take no-Brexit off the table.

"If her deal is voted on this week, I hope its defeated and then nothing happens until March 29th and we come out.

"That's what all Brexiteers should be working towards this week."

More to follow.