Peter Bone Tells Nigel "We Don't Legally Owe The EU A Penny"

10 December 2017, 13:41

The Conservative MP said, however, he wasn't worried about paying the £39bn divorce bill because the UK "will not reach a deal" with the EU anyway.

Phase two of Brexit negotiations will start next year, after the UK and EU reached agreement last week on the divorce bill, the Irish border and citizens rights.

The UK has agreed to pay the EU £39bn as part of that deal.

Nigel Farage spoke to Peter Bone about the negotiation, the Conservative MP, though, labelled the result as "ambiguous."

The outspoken Leave advocate hammered the divorce payment, "We don't owe the EU a penny," and said he was "climbing up the wall" when he read the phrase "regulatory alignment."

But it's irrelevant, Bone continued, because the UK "will not reach a deal" with the EU anyway.

He said: "I've been saying this for some time, we don't owe the EU a penny.

"Everyone says legally we don't owe them anything, we've paid £200bn in net contributions to them. If you walk away from a club you don't carry on paying their bills afterwards.

"If Poland walked away would we continue giving them money each and every year? Of course we wouldn't.

"The whole thing is a nonsense and that's why I'm fairly relaxed now because I don't think for one minute that there will be a deal, therefore we don't need to worry about paying the £39bn."

A "minority view," in Nigel's own words.

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