Policeman gives Nigel Farage his compelling argument for lockdown extension

16 April 2020, 19:22 | Updated: 16 April 2020, 19:26

By Fiona Jones

This policeman took on Nigel Farage over sanctions handed out during lockdown and the announcement of an extension.

Dominic Raab announced today that lockdown measures will be extended for at least another three weeks as health officials say relaxing the lockdown could risk a second peak of the virus.

Policeman Alan's mother is in an intensive care bed due to the pandemic.

He said was "worried" about the bold rhetoric Nigel was using to describe the lockdown, such as "house arrest" and "another three weeks of hell."

Nigel told Alan that he's not allowed to sunbathe or "you'll come and arrest me."

Alan insisted this is not true and pointed out that from March 27- April 13 there have been 3,203 fixed penalty notices issued which is nothing compared to the population of this country.

He said pointed out he does not know if his mother will survive and social distancing "may work" for others in his position, which is what the figures seem to show. He pointed out neither him nor Nigel have a medical degree so could not discuss the extension with authority.

"This is not a medical decision, it's a political decision and the point about government is government will take advice from scientists, from medical officers, from business leaders...in the end this is a political decision," Nigel said.

"I'm not against social distancing, you've never heard me argue that we should risk spreading this infection...but I am worried that we're going to get even bigger social problems out of this than we've currently got medical problems."

Alan understood this perspective but emphasised that his priority is people. He acknowledged that long term measurements must be put in place in every aspect of society.

"Before we start talking about ourselves sat in houses...we need to arrest this horrendous virus, we need to make sure we're on top of it before we relieve that lockdown."