Priti Patel Tells Nigel Farage: I Trust Boris Johnson To Deliver Brexit

9 June 2019, 12:57

Former International Development Secretary Priti Patel tells Nigel Farage why she's backing Boris Johnson, despite him once voting for Theresa May's Brexit deal.

Speaking to Nigel Farage on LBC, the former International Development Secretary said the UK needed an "inspirational leader", and she believes the leadership candidate could deliver Brexit.

"I think trust is exactly the issue at stake here," she said.

"Boris has been abundantly clear and I do trust him on this because, I've put his feet to fire many times.

"In terms of leaving on the 31st October, not just handing our cash over, he's spoken about conditionality around the money, making sure that if we don't get a free trade deal we're off and we no longer go to the EU with a begging bowl.

"And to be fair to him he's been very clear about this."

Conservative MP Priti Patel
Conservative MP Priti Patel. Picture: Getty

The Tory backbencher gave her support for the former Foreign Secretary, who she believes will be "single minded" and "not knocked off course".

"The country desperately needs an inspirational figure to set us back on the right course, and it's clear with Boris in particular we're going to leave," she said.

"He will be single minded and will not be knocked off course in the way other candidates have been 'wishy washy' about this."

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