Nigel Farage Reacts To Corbyn's "Stupid Woman" Remark

19 December 2018, 19:29

Nigel said that it was a "row about nothing" and confessed to having muttered much worse in European Parliament.

Nigel Farage described today's PMQ events as "pantomime-style".

The clip which Nigel referred to is being shared widely on social media and appears to show Jeremy Corbyn mouthing the words “stupid woman” at Theresa May.

The alleged remarks came after the Prime Minister said the Labour Party “aren’t impressed” with their leader’s stance on Brexit.

As MPs jeered, the Labour leader appeared to mouth the words "stupid woman".

Corbyn Farage
Picture: LBC & PA

"It looked, to me, like he said stupid woman, but others in the party say - no no no, that's not what he was saying, he was saying stupid people", Nigel said.

He went on to question whether Corbyn would have been accused of being sexist if he had said "stupid man" instead, and referred it as a "row about nothing", confessing that he had muttered much worse in European Parliament.

Watch Nigel expressing his thoughts in the full clip above...