The Staggering Moment A Remainer And Nigel Farage Actually See Eye To Eye

1 February 2017, 22:08

Nigel Farage in Brussels

We could all learn from this LBC caller.

When the former UKIP leader asked the question "have we passed the point of no return?" one LBC caller surprised us all.

“I profoundly disagreed with leaving the EU. I voted to remain. However, I am a democrat absolutely over and above everything else. And you won. And I call upon other remainers that the time for division is over and we should reunite as the United Kingdom and we should leave.

I’ve been a Liberal Democrat, but I’ve actually resigned form the Lib Dems now and I don’t intend to vote Lib Dem again whilst Tim Farron is there, because they don’t respect democracy. And when you dispense with the ballot box you get bullets and you get violence.

I don’t want people to hurt each other. We lost. To everybody out there that voted to remain, we lost. Please for the love of God and for the love of our country let’s respect it.”

Nigel thanked his unlikely ally for his measured statements and the call was a moment of true union between two people with very opposing views.

However, if you think Nigel's has made his last remaks on the matter, his closing comments from his live show in Brussels may just surprise you...

“I've teased all evening that we've reached the point of no return. But you know what, I don’t quite believe it. And that’s because there are big powerful influencers; businesses, banks and politics who will do everything they can to maintain their way of life that has made them so very comfortable. I'm pleased with what's happened today. It is a historic move... but you know what, I’m no going to get complacent just yet.”