Remainer Quizzes Farage: "When Does Project Fear Become Project Reality?”

30 January 2019, 19:37

Nigel Farage embarked on a tetchy exchange with this Remainer who asked him: “At what point does Project Fear become Project Reality?”

The pair clashed after Barclays announced it was moving £166bn of assets to Dublin as part of its Brexit contingency plan.

The banking giant received approval from the High Court on Wednesday for the move, which involves 5,000 clients.

It says it's designed to deal with the potential consequences of a no-deal Brexit.

Nigel Farage took listeners' calls from Brussels on Wednesday
Nigel Farage took listeners' calls from Brussels on Wednesday. Picture: PA/LBC

After raising the issue, Eduardo from Chigwell asked Nigel: “At what point does Project Fear became Project Reality?”

“People have been moving companies and tax bases to Ireland for over 30 years for lots and lots of reasons,” Nigel replied.

“The chief one being that they have had a competitive Corporation Tax down at 12.5%.”

He added: “These firms are global in nature and they’re moving divisions around the world all of the time.”

Eduardo replied: “They all seem to be citing Brexit though?”

Watch what happened next above.