Skegness caller petrified people will bring Covid to the coast after lockdown changes

11 May 2020, 21:59 | Updated: 11 May 2020, 22:04

Skegness caller petrified people will bring Covid to the coast

By Fiona Jones

This caller who lives in Skegness is petrified thousands of people will go to the coasts this weekend and bring the virus with them after lockdown changes allow day travel.

Face coverings, social distancing and working from home where possible are other main features in Boris Johnson's new 50-page document detailing life under lockdown.

Jim from Skegness said he was confused about how on earth the new lockdown changes can be considered a minor change.

Driving where you like "may sound innocuous," he said, "but in a place like Skegness that opens the floodgates for the thousands and thousands of day visitors that we get as soon as the sun comes out.

"We've got a bank holiday just around the corner and I don't know what to expect. We could have huge numbers of people not social distancing, potentially bringing the virus with them," Jim said.

Nigel agreed that this could happen towards the end of the month as it becomes warmer.

"If people come to Skegness in large numbers and they walk along the front and dip their toe in the water, but observe social distancing, would you have a problem with that?" asked Nigel.

Jim said it would be fine if they observe social distancing but his suspicion is that people will not - especially as it is "close to impossible" to stay two metres apart during sunny days.

"The point of tourism is to cram lots of people in to small areas."