Nigel Farage: I'm Sympathetic To Ireland's Brexit Concerns

26 November 2017, 12:14

Nigel Farage understands Ireland's concern, he just wants them to act on it differently.

Ireland may threaten to use its EU veto to prevent Brexit talks from moving on to trade because of border issues, its EU commissioner has warned.

Nigel Farage said he understood Ireland's worry, that he was in fact "sympathetic", he just wants them to act on it differently.

The LBC presenter thinks the country would be better served lobbying Brussels to offer a no-tariff trade deal to the UK, rather than threatening to block negotiations.

He said: "Your farmers need the British market very badly, you sell about 50 per cent of your beef to the UK market. I understand that, I get that.

"In fact I'm sympathetic to that. So rather than arguing, rather than trying from Dublin to dictate to Westminster what we should or shouldn't do, why don't you go to Brussels and act in the interest of your farmers and your businesses?

"Argue that a continued tariff-free trade deal would be the best solution, not just for the island of Ireland, but for all of us.

"But unfortunately, that is not what they're doing. We'll see if the Irish Prime Minister survives a vote of confidence that will take place in Dublin this very week."

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