This Is The Type Of Leader Britain Is Crying Out For: Nigel Farage

18 July 2018, 20:44 | Updated: 18 July 2018, 20:56

Nigel Farage has described the type of Prime Minister he believes Britain is crying out for.

It’s after Boris Johnson delivered his resignation speech to MPs in the Commons on Wednesday.

The former Foreign Secretary insisted it’s “not too late to save Brexit” as he branded Theresa May’s plan as “Brexit in name only”.

It left Nigel, who was broadcasting from Washington DC, wondering whether Mr Johnson was a Prime Minister in waiting.

Asked who he’d recommend for the job, the LBC presenter replied: “I’d be perfectly happy for Boris to take over from May, I really would.

“Or any body else who actually believed in Brexit, had a bit of courage, was prepared to ignore many of the criticisms that you're bound to get from the mainstream media, you're bound to get from some inside your own party, you're bound to get from the multinational businesses and show some real leadership.

“I think the country is desperate for it, I think the country would rally behind it."