There's a "long wait coming" before pubs reopen, Nigel Farage worries

23 April 2020, 20:22

By Seán Hickey

Many Brits are worried about the plan to come out of lockdown in the UK, this caller was worried about pubs.

Nigel Farage was joined by Steve who was calling from Southport. Nigel was taking calls earlier in the show on rumours of people breaking social distancing but Steve assured Nigel that his town has been "dead since lockdown".

Nigel followed with a text that argued that many people were tired of lockdown but the phenomenon is mainly seen in the south of the country. Steve hinted that people in Stockport are getting agitated too, revealing that "we're starting to follow shortly".

Steve revealed the part of lockdown that he finds most difficult and believes is vital to the economy of his native Southport was the uncertainty around when pubs, restaurants and cafés will reopen.

Nigel joked and told Steve that "if Wetherspoons in Southport opens tomorrow ill get the helicopter down", but wasn't so optimistic about any pub reopening anytime soon.

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"Pubs and coffee shops will be the last places to open" Nigel said. Steve countered and argued with Nigel that in Southport "high streets are dead without them".

Steve pointed out that "these places are big enough for people to sit 2 metres apart" and still be able to talk and socialise. He made the point to Nigel that the hospitality industry can easily adapt to cater to the social distancing guidelines.

"But people are lingering in these places" Nigel replied. He didn't dispute the fact that pubs can adapt but it is the fact that the public will be in the same place for hours on end that worries the government, as if one of the punters had Covid-19 it can spread over the space of hours in the pub.

Nigel recalled that his "local pub has a beer garden" and thought it might be a good place to practice social distancing, but issued a stark warning to Steve.

"You've a long wait coming" before pubs reopen, he told the Southport native.