This Paid Up Tory Told LBC Once The Leadership Election Is Done She's Quitting The Party

24 June 2019, 20:29

Carole, a self confessed member of the "blue rinse brigade" told LBC that she doesn't trust Boris Johnson.

Describing herself as a "paid-up Tory member" the caller said that once the leadership contest was over she would be an "ex-member."

She told LBC she was a leaver who was "not sure" Boris was a shoe-in for the top job.

"I think he's not particularly trustworthy," she said, "he lacks substance," adding she was disinterested in "what went on in his flat."

Calling into question Mr Johnson's desire to leave the EU she said "he didn't vote for the treaty twice, but then he did on the third time."

Nigel Farage was discussing Mr Johnson's refusal to attend a TV debate.
Nigel Farage was discussing Mr Johnson's refusal to attend a TV debate. Picture: PA/LBC

Speaking to Nigel Farage, Carole said she "listened to the little he says, and I don't see very much substance."

The LBC listener said she was "really conflated" by the whole thing.

Revealing to LBC that she will be attending the Conservative Party leadership hustings, she said she was "very worried" about Mr Johnson's "character and honesty."

When Nigel asked if she had to vote for Boris "as a Brexiter," the longtime Tory member said "Well, you would think so." Before she added that she wasn't certain.

Watch the video at the top of the page, or watch the whole Nigel Farage Show here. Nigel was asking if Jeremy Hunt was right when he said Boris was "slinking through the back door of Number 10" by avoiding debating him on TV.