Nigel Farage Has Three Reasons Why Theresa May Is Right On Delivering Brexit

13 January 2019, 12:46 | Updated: 13 January 2019, 12:48

As Theresa May warns MPs that failing to deliver Brexit would be a "catastrophic breach of trust in democracy", Nigel Farage names three reasons why she's right.

MPs are expected to reject the Prime Minister's Brexit plan when it is put to a vote in Parliament on Tuesday, but Theresa May has warned them that failing to deliver on Brexit would be a "catastrophic and unforgivable" breach of trust in the UK's democracy.

In the event her exit deal is voted down, some Brexiters have argued for the UK to leave without a deal, but other MPs also object to the no deal Brexit - calling for either Article 50 to be extended or revoked, or a second referendum to allow the general public to decide the next move.

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Theresa May has warned MPs that not delivering on Brexit would be a "catastrophic breach of trust in our democracy"
Theresa May has warned MPs that not delivering on Brexit would be a "catastrophic breach of trust in our democracy". Picture: Getty

Nigel Farage supported Mrs May and her warning to politicians.

On his LBC show, the former Ukip leader and Leave advocate said that "she's right for three reasons".

"The first is the referendum was an exercise in direct democracy. Normally our MPs act as representatives, they make decisions and we judge every four or five years whether they've done a good job or not.

"Secondly, almost exactly a year later there was a general election in which the two big parties explicitly promised in their manifestos that a vote for their parties was a vote to deliver Brexit.

"Thirdly, back in March 2017 there was a debate about the triggering of Article 50.

"There was then a vote about triggering Article 50, and unbelievable nearly 500 MPs voted to trigger Article 50 - only a hundred opposed it.

Watch Nigel Farage's response to Theresa May's remarks in full in the video above.