Former Australian PM tells Nigel Farage Brexit is "beacon of light and hope"

3 February 2020, 20:34

Nigel Farage has said that UK is "too big to bully" after the Former Australian PM Tony Abbott branded Brexit as a "beacon of light and hope."

The former Prime Minister, who served as the 28th PM of Australia from 2013 to 2015, called into LBC to discuss the UK officially leaving the EU.

Following Brexit Day on Friday, Nigel said the former PM once "compared Brexit to the fall of the Soviet Union".

Tony elaborated: "Soviet Union was the heart of totalitarianism, the EU is not that, but neithertheless it is a very pervasive system which is not responsive to democracy in the same way, for argument sake, the British government is responsive to democracy.

"You only have to look at the way the EU managed to sabotage the democratic votes in Ireland, France, Portugal and elsewhere to understand that this is not a body which responds readily to the democratic will of it's representative's nations.

The Union flag being removed from the Europa building atrium in Brussels on Brexit Day
The Union flag being removed from the Europa building atrium in Brussels on Brexit Day. Picture: PA

Tony added: "If you vote in the way the EU doesn't like, the EU's tendencies is to want to have you vote again and again until you give up."

Nigel agreed and added: "We've shown ourselves to be too big to bully, I think that's the truth of it Tony."

Tony went on to praise the nation and said: "Britain is a country that has led the world and it has certainly saved Europe in the past and I think what's happened is a beacon of light and hope to people everywhere.

Tony concluded: "In the end, democracy matters and it is the will of the people that has got to triumph over the big cats of the bureaucracy and that's what we have had far too much of in the EU over the last 40 odd years."

Nigel added: "I think Brexit begins a debate in all the other nations."