Tory MP says there must be a debate over Huawei's 5G infrastructure

16 February 2020, 13:40

Tory MP Bob Seely says there must be a Parliamentary debate over Huawei's involvement in the UK's 5G network.

After the news the UK government would allow Chinese telecoms giant Huawei "limited access" to the new 5G network, Nigel Farage told his listeners he was "concerned" about the move.

Nigel pointed out the US government is "very concerned about it," telling listeners if "Nancy Pelosi can agree with the other side of the house on something" he wants a debate around the issue.

Mr Seely agreed there had never been a proper Parliamentary debate around the issue.

The Isle of Wight MP said he was "putting in for Westminster Hall debates" on Huawei and his colleagues such as Iain Duncan-Smith, David Davies and Damien Green shared his concerns.

Nigel Farage was speaking to Tory MP Bob Seely
Nigel Farage was speaking to Tory MP Bob Seely. Picture: LBC

He said he was surprised when Boris Johnson announced Huawei would have access to the UK's 5G infrastructure, "everybody from across the House was saying 'are you sure about this'?"

Adding "with everything we know about China's hacking, the intellectual property theft, the human rights abuses, the one-party state, the use of AI and big data to control populations through social credit."

"It's soft Orwellianism."

"We need a debate on this badly," the MP said, and Nigel Farage agreed.

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