Trump Adviser Lists Action Britain Must Take To Defeat Terrorism

23 May 2017, 20:33

Donald Trump’s deputy assistant joined Nigel Farage to discuss the next steps Britain should take in the wake of the Manchester bombing.

The horrific attack at the city’s arena on Monday killed 22 concert-goers and injured a further of 59.

President Trump described the killer, named by police as 22-year-old Salman Abedi, as a “loser”.

Speaking on Nigel’s nightly LBC show, Mr Trump’s adviser, Sebastian Gorka, listed the next steps the UK must take in order to combat terrorism.

He said: “First thing first, no more political correctness, no more censorship.

“We talk about the enemy as who they really are and the ideology that drives them - global jihadism.

“Secondly, empower those people who need to be empowered, especially amongst the Muslim community.”

The third and final point Mr Gorka raised was on intelligence sharing.

He continued: “This isn’t really a war about bombs and bullets - that’s part of it. Just like with the IRA we have to find these people before they strap on the vest, before they go kinetic.”

Watch the pair’s chat above.