What's Got Nigel Farage Worried About Brexit?

14 March 2017, 20:42 | Updated: 14 March 2017, 21:21

Official Brexit talks are set to begin at the end of this month, but something has got Nigel Farage worried…

Speaking on his LBC show from Strasbourg, Nigel argued the UK Government was playing a “very weak and a very bad hand” ahead of the forthcoming negotiations with the EU.

He warned against using Britain's fishing waters as a bargaining chip, against the UK remaining inside the European Arrest Warrant and against any proposed interim deal with Brussels.

“We're appearing to want to give concessions even before we fire the starting gun and are sat around the table,” Nigel said.

“I've been in these institutions now for over 18 years. Yes I'm even more unpopular now than I was then, but the point is that in these negotiations with these institutions - the one thing that never works is weakness, you've got to be strong and I fear we are going in playing a very weak and a very bad hand.”