Will Harry and Meghan lose their titles?

12 January 2020, 13:10

Will Harry and Meghan lose their HRH titles? Nigel Farage asks a royal expert.

Royal author and journalist Phil Dampier said, "Ultimately it's up to the Queen. I've got a feeling she won't strip them of their titles because she did that with both Fergie and Diana. They remained the Duchess of York and the Princess of Wales but they had their HRH taken away.

"I think in hindsight that was seen as a mistake as that caused resentment amongst both of them."

Mr Dampier believed the Queen would be reluctant to do that as she doesn't want to "make things worse." He also pointed out the Duke and Duchess of Sussex didn't want a title for their son Archie, who is seventh in line to the thrown above Princess Anne and Prince Andrew.

He said this is Harry and Meghan "sending out a message themselves that they weren't that bothered about titles"; he posited titles could be used as a "bargaining chip."

Nigel observed their titles in Los Angeles in the American media will be "priceless."

"It would be a great selling point and a great asset to them on their headed note paper," said Mr Dampier but insisted the Queen is likely to want to solve this and be "conciliatory."

However, he said the biggest the problem will come concerning "tax and money."