“You Got It Wrong!” Nigel Farage Battles Caller Who Slams Trump And It Gets VERY Heated

26 June 2018, 20:45

“Trump is a racist and a sexist and you got it wrong”, Nigel Farage was told as he did battle with this caller during a tetchy row over the US President.

The pair clashed after Boris Johnson defended his claim that he is “increasingly admiring” of the Republican.

The Foreign Secretary was being grilled by Labour’s Emily Thornberry when he reeled off a list of the US president’s achievements.

He cited Mr Trump’s efforts in North Korea, his military response against Syria and his demand for European countries to spend more on defence.

But, Ms Thornberry declared Mr Trump’s record should be “abhorred”, adding he was a man who “bans Muslims and supports Nazis”.

Nigel Farage was broadcasting from the EU Parliament in Brussels
Nigel Farage was broadcasting from the EU Parliament in Brussels. Picture: LBC

And it was today’s events which sparked a lengthy debate which turned incredibly heated at times between Nigel and caller Darren.

Darren branded Mr Trump a “racist” and a “sexist” and insisted “Hillary Clinton should have been President”.

When he cited accusations surrounding the US President’s private life, Nigel, who was broadcasting from Brussels, cut in: “The vast majority of Trump supporters couldn’t care less!”

He added: “Trump may be rough around the edges, but he gets things done!”

Watch the row unfold in the video at the top of this page.