Youngster Has Nigel Farage In Stitches As She Berates Anti-Brexit Campaigners

17 January 2019, 19:34

A 14-year-old left Nigel Farage in hysterics when she described those calling for a second referendum as “shouty lefties”.

In a defiant message on LBC, Morgan from Stafford told anti-Brexit campaigners: “Get over yourselves!”

Listeners were quick to praise the teen, with one saying it was “the best call I have heard in at least a year”.

Pro-Remain campaigners argue there should be a second referendum because young people who couldn’t vote in 2016 can now.

Morgan, however, was not convinced.

Morgan's call to LBC left Nigel Farage in stitches
Morgan's call to LBC left Nigel Farage in stitches. Picture: LBC

“The idea that just because there is a new generation the vote will swing massively, I can’t even get my head around it,” she told Nigel.

“I’m 14, I wouldn’t get a vote, so I’d be campaigning for a third referendum because where is my vote?”

And in a remark that left Nigel in stitches, she continued: “It’s just the shouty lefties, we can’t Remain now, can we? It’s not practical.

“After everything we’ve done, the whole world is watching, it’s stupid.”

Issuing a direct message to Remainers, Morgan finished: “Get over yourselves. To brand everybody who doesn’t agree with you as racist and all the other names - all you’re doing is pushing people to the other side”.

The call sparked a huge reaction, with Nigel branding her “a star”.