Owen: We Need To Talk About The Monarchy

20 August 2017, 16:10 | Updated: 22 August 2017, 09:51

It's about time we talk about our head of state, says Owen Jones, who knows his opinion isn't held by many.

It has been reported that the Queen doesn't plan on giving up the thrown to Prince Charles any time soon.

At 91, the longest reigning British monarch has maintained she will remain committed to her duty, sources say.

Owen Jones thinks it's about time we start talking about the monarchy - and the idea it's outdated, potentially even unpatriotic.

He said: "As a country would it be the end of the world [to elect our head of state]? Wouldn't it enshrine our democracy?

"I mean I know what the arguments are."

Owen went on to list various justifications for the British monarchy: tourism, the Queen being the best person for the job.

But he added that people visit Britain for more than the monarchy, and that the cost of the Royals comes in at a pretty hefty sum in comparison to, say, Ireland's equivalent.

Owen said: "Part of me thinks it thinks it is for their own good. It's not good for them is it? I mean the scrutiny they get, turned into a national soap opera. I think actually you know give them a break, if anything."

Owen continued: "Now I know I'm in the minority here, but for me actually I think there's almost patriotic argument about this.

"Democracy in this country was fought for at such cost and sacrifice. Throughout the ages, whether it be the suffragettes, who we now lord as secular saints, we have Hollywood films made about them, in their day they were reviled, hated, despised, they were dragged from demonstrations and thrown into dirty cells with tubes forced down their noses."

Owen added: "There's such great tradition there, and what better way of enshrining that tradition of democracy, of people standing up for their rights, of the voice of the people being sovereign, than having an elected head of state."